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Social and Emotional Learning (Four-Part Series)

Join the Y4Y team as we dive into each step of the process for delivering high-quality social and emotional learning activities - planning, designing, implementing and assessing your efforts. We'll start with assessing your organization's ability to implement SEL instruction. Next up is the program design - reviewing the necessary data and conducting a needs assessment. On the third day of our series, we'll share how to plan activities and routines designed to improve social and emotional learning skills in students. We’ll end the week discussing how to maintain and improve your SEL programming. 

Don't forget to visit the Social and Emotional Learning discussion board here to download any tools!

Webinar #1: Assessing Organizational Readiness

Webinar #2: Structuring for Social and Emotional Learning

Webinar #3: Planning Successful SEL Activities

Webinar #4: Ensuring Continued Success

Please Note: A Certificate of Participation is only available to those who participated in the live events. Certificates will not be issued to those who view the recordings.