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Literacy: An In-Depth Expedition (Four-Part Series)

Join us for an expedition into literacy and learn how to incorporate it throughout your program. Set the foundation for your literacy program and learn to develop high-quality, engaging literacy activities for all ages including families. Strengthen your literacy efforts through partnerships and collaboration. Hear from experienced practitioners about literacy adventures in action. By the end of the week, you’ll be ready to embark on your own literacy journey! 

Don't forget to visit the Literacy: An In-Depth Expedition discussion board here to download any tools!

Webinar #1 - Planning Your Journey: Literacy Components 

Webinar #2 - Excursions and Adventures: Explicit vs Embedded Activities

Webinar #3 - Who's Coming Along?: Leveraging Partnerships

Webinar #4 - Enjoy the Amazing Journey!: Successful Literacy in Action

Please Note: A Certificate of Participation is only available to those who participated in the live events. Certificates will not be issued to those who view the recordings.