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Investigating Intentional Program Design (Four-Part Series)

Are you ready to take your program to the next level? Want to meet the needs and wants of your students and families? Join our team to investigate the intentional program design process! Walk through the steps to discover: the needs of your students and families, create engaging activities that can move the needle on student outcomes, and ensure your activities achieve success. An intentionally designed program will solve the mystery of how to increase student engagement and outcomes!

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Webinar #1 - Data Detective (needs assessment, SMART goals)

Webinar #2 - The Secret of Interesting Interventions: Designing Academic Intervention Activities

Webinar #3 - Hidden Learning Mystery: Designing Academic Enrichment Activities

Webinar #4 - Solving the Intentional Design Puzzle (continuous improvement)

Please Note: A Certificate of Participation is only available to those who participated in the live events. Certificates will not be issued to those who view the recordings.