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Inclusion in 21st CCLC Environments: Webinar series

Monday, October 10, 2016 at 11:11 AM (Eastern)


The Lessons From the Field: Serving All Students, Including Students With Disabilities project worked to identify, collect and share with states and their grantees lessons from the field. The products you see here can help you design and implement high-quality, 21st CCLC and other out-of-school programs that support all students.

Released in 2016, the project’s 11 implementation guides and six webinars focus on helping programs build capacity to meet the needs of all students, including students with disabilities. Experts, advocates and 21st CCLC practitioners and program leaders contributed their knowledge and experience to support your efforts to create and sustain high-quality, inclusive programs.

Implementation Guides

State Coordinators Guide

Topic Guide 1 - Introduction to Inclusion in 21st CCLC Programs

Topic Guide 2 - Legal Foundations of Inclusion: What you need to know

Topic Guide 3 - Establishing Inclusive Spaces, Activities, Materials and Routines

Topic Guide 4 - Training and Developing Staff to Support Inclusion

Topic Guide 5 - Identifying and Developing Partnerships

Topic Guide 6 - Engaging Families and Communities to Support Inclusion

Topic Guide 7 - Working With Schools and Districts to Support Inclusion

Topic Guide 8 - Working with IEPs, Section 504 Plans and Transition Plans

Topic Guide 9 - Addressing Individual Needs and Engaging All Learners

Topic Guide 10 - Supporting Social-Emotional Learning



Webinar 1: Putting Laws Into Practice

Webinar 2: What do Inclusive Programs Look Like?

Webinar 3: Strengthening Connections with Families and Communities

Webinar 4: Laws as Building Blocks to Inclusion

Webinar 5: Developing Collaborative Partnerships with Schools and Districts

Webinar 6: Lessons From the Field About Inclusion

For additional information and assistance on serving all students, including students with disabilities in 21st CCLC programs, please email SWD project director at