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An Artfully Formed Positive Environment (Four-Part Series)

A positive environment can be a true work of art. Fostering this culture is probably central to your 21st CCLC mission, but what are the systems you’ve put in place to ensure success? Join us for this four-part series where you’ll gain all the tools you need to paint smiles on the faces and warmth in the hearts of staff, family, partners and most importantly, your students. 

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Webinar #1 – Sketching Your Organizational Culture

Webinar #2 – Positive Learning Environments: Choose Your Palette of Colors

Webinar #3 – Safety Measures: Your Program’s Drop Cloth

Webinar #4 – Choosing Your Brushes Wisely with Social and Emotional Learning

Please Note: A Certificate of Participation is only available to those who participated in the live events. Certificates will not be issued to those who view the recordings.