Online Professional Learning and
Technical Assistance for
21st Century Community Learning Centers

Y4Y TA Topics


Y4Y offers free virtual technical assistance to 21st CCLC grantees in a variety of topics. The virtual sessions are 90 minutes and the in-person sessions are between 4 and 16 hours. These sessions can be requested by 21st CCLC State Coordinators and are tailored to meet the needs of the requesting state. 


An Introduction to 21st CCLC


  • Describe the process of applying for a 21st CCLC state request for proposal.
  • Identify the key strategies for planning and designing a high-quality 21st CCLC program.
  • Incorporate the key strategies and federal, state and local laws, regulations, and guidance into your 21st CCLC program plan and design.


Assessing Program Effectiveness


  • Understand the continuous improvement process as it applies to assessing program effectiveness.
  • Utilize Y4Y tools and resources for assessment, implementation and analysis.
Citizen Science
  • Align citizen science projects with student needs and program goals.
  • Use strategies to implement citizen science in your program.
  • Identify resources that prepare staff and students for citizen science projects.
  • Demonstrate student performance using informal assessments.
Civic Learning and Engagement
  • Learn project-based strategies for implementing civic learning and engagement.
  • Design activities for civic learning and engagement in your program.
  • Identify Y4Y resources aligned with civic learning and engagement implementation and training.


College and Career Readiness
  • Define mentoring support and describe the role it has in college and career readiness.
  • Describe how the Work Personalities Tool can help students evaluate career choices to match their interests and work personalities.
  • Identify resources that can be used to implement college and career readiness for students from special populations.
  • Implement a continuous improvement process.


Continuous Education (formerly known as "Aligning with the School Day")
  • Understand strategies for getting and keeping school-day leaders on your program planning team.
  • Learn how to engage key stakeholders.
  • Be able to conduct a comprehensive program needs assessment.
  • Define and implement the elements of intentionally designing and facilitating activities that meet student needs.
  • Understand strategies for recruiting and retaining high-quality staff.
  • Determine key resources to assist in ensuring fidelity of implementation.
Drug and Alcohol Prevention
  • Understand the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Develop strategies to implement to help prevent drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Identify Y4Y resources that assist with preventing drug and alcohol abuse.
Family Engagement
  • How to be a coach, guide, and facilitator.
  • Strategies for understanding families and their cultures.
  • Approaches to understanding challenges to family engagement and providing services to support families.
Human Resources


  • Identify the skills and competencies needed for each staff position.
  • Develop an effective interview and selection process to recruit qualified and competent candidates.
  • Train and manage staff to enhance performance and achieve program success.
  • Retain staff by creating a positive work environment.
  • Find examples of literacy activities that develop strong readers and writers.
  • Gain tips on facilitating literacy learning and coaching struggling readers.
  • Learn how to engage families in supporting reading and writing in your program and at home.
Managing Your 21st CCLC Program
  • Complete a project plan and logic model for your program.
  • Develop a timeline for completing each of your critical tasks.
  • Apply standard operating procedures to your program.
  • Apply project management knowledge and skills as you execute your 21st CCLC project.
  • Stay in compliance with local, state and federal rules and guidelines.
Project-Based Learning
  • Explain components of the three phases of project-based learning.
  • Implement the steps to plan, define, implement and assess high quality project-based learning activities.
  • Use authentic resources and tools to develop and implement project-based learning activities.


Strategic Partnerships


  • Learn concrete tips for identifying program partners.
  • Come away with tools for recruiting, establishing and maintaining partners.
  • Role-play through common partnership scenarios.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  • Describe techniques to develop your STEM knowledge.
  • Choose science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities that best align with student needs at various ages.
  • Identify strategies for connecting to the school day.
  • Recognize ways to make time for STEM within your program.
  • Identify resources that can be used to implement STEM projects.
Summer Learning
  • Design a summer learning program that aligns with student and program needs.
  • Implement strategies to recruit and retain students in your summer learning program.
  • Implement a continuous improvement process.

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