Online Professional Learning and
Technical Assistance for
21st Century Community Learning Centers

Trainings to Go

Trainings to Go are hour-long training plans that include a PowerPoint, handouts, and training guides. Click the trainings to get tips on how to customize professional development plans to fit different staff needs, training time frames, and training goals.

Introduction to Including Students With Disabilities

  • Identify and categorize disabilities according to key legislation.
  • Define key inclusion terms.
  • Read and interpret an IEP at-a-Glance.

Accommodation Plans

  • Learn how legally required, school-day special education documents apply to 21st CCLC programs.
  • Interpret an IEP for the program.
  • Create a Program Accommodation Plan Form for a student whose record access has been denied.

Understanding and Responding to Students With Disabilities

  • Reflect on communication barriers.
  • Understand that behavior serves a communication tool.
  • Explore the unique need to advocacy in students with disabilities.
  • Provide strategies for responding to students with disabilities.