Online Professional Learning and
Technical Assistance for
21st Century Community Learning Centers

Trainings to Go

Trainings to Go are hour-long training plans that include a PowerPoint, handouts, and training guides. Click the trainings to get tips on how to customize professional development plans to fit different staff needs, training time frames, and training goals.

Conducting an Effective Interview

The ability to conduct an effective interview takes preparation and practice. It’s a skill that hiring managers must develop over time, but understanding all of the elements of an effective interview will make you a better interviewer. 

Effective Workplace Communication

Knowing how to communicate effectively and provide good feedback to staff will help you develop your skills as a coach and will support your program’s continuous improvement. 

Employee Retention

Being able to promote a positive work environment makes your employees happy. Happier employees do better work and are more likely to stay in your program longer – and research has shown that program consistency is very beneficial for students. The strategies explored in this session will drive home the importance of building an open and honest work environment, and how that can help with employee retention.