Online Professional Learning and
Technical Assistance for
21st Century Community Learning Centers

Trainings to Go

Behavior Management

Explore the value of implementing proactive behavior management strategies and why these are crucial to a successful 21st CCLC program. Review the definition and basic elements of behavior management, delve into some thoughtful reflection of student experiences to appreciate how this practice promotes positive student behavior, and explore ways to design student experiences that also allow them to understand expectations and build positive relationships throughout the program. 

Building Relationships

Understand the importance of allowing students to share their experiences, discover strategies you can use to share your own story, and explore positive concepts and activity ideas for your programs.

Setting Up a Positive Learning Environment

Learn how to create a welcoming environment for students, discuss the elements that go into building an inclusive and supportive atmosphere in your program, and explore activity ideas for setting a positive and constructive initial tone within your learning space.