Integrating NOAA Science into Classrooms

2020-2022 Project Information


Select a region on the clickable map below to learn more about each of the funded 2020-2022 Watershed STEM projects! These projects are supported by NAAEE and NOAA include a variety of field experiences and environmental education lessons for youth in watersheds across the nation. Regions shown indicate areas that were eligible for project activities, based on where the NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) program exists. Starred areas represent locations of 2020-2022 projects. As they become available, materials and resources developed by these grantees will also be included here. 

The NOAA-21st CCLC Watershed STEM Education Partnership program builds off of a successful pilot program implemented in 2017. Pilot evaluation results indicated that these projects excelled at making STEM activities relevant to students’ lives and improved students’ understanding and awareness of their local watersheds. Pilot grantees also forged strong collaborations with local 21st CCLC sites, establishing relationships that could be sustained beyond the pilot program funding. For more information about pilot projects, please visit the 2017 Pilot Program Archive.

Please note that the information displayed below reflects the proposals submitted prior to COVID-19. All Watershed STEM Grantees and partners are adapting to meet the needs of the students according to current health and safety guidelines.

Project Locations