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Challenge 1:
Atmospheric Science Investigation

Students will carry out a series of learning activities that have been designed by NASA and GLOBE to enable students to gather data about the Earth and how it functions as a global system. Students will be using instruments and their own senses to collect cloud and surface temperature data at sites located near their school. They will record the data they gather in their science research journals and follow the steps of the science research process as they work to complete their investigation. The four main components of the module include learning activities student inquiry investigations using GLOBE protocols, subject matter expert (SME) connections and a culminating student presentation.

Students will collect and analyze GLOBE measurements of clouds and surface temperature to determine how clouds impact Earth’s energy systems.
Grade Level:
Time Required:
Approximately 20 – 35 Hours

Plan Your Challenge

Facilitators Guide [English] [Español]

Investigation Checklist [English] [Español] 

Materials for Investigation [English] [Español]

Supplemental Support

eClips: These video segments connect classroom mathematics to 21st century careers and innovations and are designed for students to develop an appreciation for mathematics through real-world problem-solving.

eTraining Site: View the eTraining Requirements for new GLOBE teachers, GLOBE observers and trained GLOBE users.

GLOBE tutorial: Learn how to set up a student account, and what your students can do with their account.

S'COOL Cloud ID Chart: Download a one-page PDF cloud ID chart.

Deliver Your Challenge

Presentation Slides [English] [Español]

Cloud Observation [English] [Español]

Surface Temperature Measurements and Cloud Observation Surface Temperature Data Sheet [English] [Español]

Investigation Rubric [English] [Español

Student Journal [English] [Español]

Video Instructions [English] [Español] 

Introductory Video for Students


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