Chapter 1: Overview

After completing this chapter, you’ll be able to
  • Define four types of English learners (ELs).
  • Describe the history of supporting ELs.
  • Identify the benefits of supporting ELs in your 21st CCLC program.
  • Describe ways you can incorporate instruction into your 21st CCLC program to support ELs.

Chapter 2: Planning for an Impactful Experience

After completing this chapter, you’ll be able to
  • Examine ways to assess your EL needs and strengths.
  • Identify the steps for planning and implementing activities that increase language proficiency for EL students and their adult family members.
  • Define how to design and implement activities that meet diverse EL language levels.
  • Describe the basics for creating safe and language-rich environments that value the diverse cultures and languages of your ELs.