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The Adult’s Role

To truly engage students in project-based learning, you’ll need to get out of the director's chair and learn to facilitate and coach students, as they learn to direct their own learning.

If you feel anxious about giving up control, start with small projects. As you and your students gain skills and confidence, you'll be challenging yourselves to reach for more!

Manager/Leader Coach/Facilitator
Sets focus Helps students identify their interests
Plans activities Helps students plan activities
Manages the learning process Guides students as they construct their own learning process

Reflect on This

Imagine yourself facilitating a project-based learning experience, with students fully expecting to direct their own learning process. Do you feel at ease giving them the space to stumble at times? Do you see yourself demanding to take control at times? What might be your reasons for doing so? Capture your thoughts honestly in My Notebook.


My Notebook

Project-Based Learning

The Notebook is a useful way to jot down notes as you go through the various topics available on the You For Youth website. If you'd like to use the notebook, please sign in if you already have an account or register now to join the Y4Y community!


Project-Based Learning