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You've now learned all about the steps in project-based learning, from narrowing down a topic into a driving question, to learning by doing as students investigate the question, to a culminating event (Showtime). 

Throughout this process, projects will bring your students face-to-face with complex, real-world challenges they might find difficult to solve. To maximize opportunities for personal growth, encourage students to reflect on what they learn in the process.

Active reflection is central to mastering the skills of critical thinking, problem solving and analysis. Build opportunities for reflection before, during and after a project so that it happens continuously. Model reflection for your students as you ask them to 

  • Identify their challenges clearly
  • Maintain a positive attitude as they think through challenges
  • Realize the value of their efforts

Tell students they might want to record their reflections in a journal or blog. This practice reinforces the fact that they are in control of their learning. Also, suggest that students, formally or informally, share their reflections with others. Doing so may reveal areas of growth that might otherwise go unnoticed.


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Project-Based Learning

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Project-Based Learning