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Linking With School-Day Civics

School-day civics learning goes hand in hand with civic learning and engagement projects. By finding out what civics lessons are being taught in school and then establishing out-of-school time projects that complement these lessons, programs can facilitate a more seamless learning experience for youth. Likewise, a program can initiate a civic learning and engagement project, then get school day teachers on board to extend the learning in the classroom.

On the chart below, find some ideas for translating school-day civics into out-of-school time projects, and fill in your own ideas, too. For more help with linking to school-day civics lessons, see the Building School Day Civics into Out-of-School Time Projects tool for more information.

School-Day Learning Out-of-School Time Learning, Our Suggestions Out-of-School Time Learning, Your Suggestions

Students learn about the U.S. Constitution, and write an essay about how U.S. law impacts freedom of speech.

A group of students use their understanding of freedom of speech to craft a “social media policy” in cooperation with their school administration, the PTA and the school board. This experience helps students to better articulate the pros, cons and limits of the First Amendment.

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Students learn about how foods get from the farm to our tables, and pick a specific food to research.

This awareness prompts students to partner with local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce to sell locally grown organic produce as a response to concerns about pesticides in food. This partnership provides students with hands-on experience with issues such as subsidies, tariffs and other economics topics addressed in class.

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