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Learning by Doing: Example

What do the learning activities of an actual project look like? Let’s dissect a project to see how carefully planned learning activities can result in an answer to the driving question, a lot of learning and even some fun.

For this example, we’ll use the following driving question, one that addresses the topic of drug and alcohol prevention.

How can we inspire other students to avoid drugs and alcohol?

It’s a big question that calls for a big approach, so let’s zoom in on just one of the possible ways to tackle it: Students pitch ideas for the Made By Me National Commercial Challenge, which is a competition organized by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Youth ages 13-18 submit 60-second videos to share their ideas for the next Above the Influence public service announcement.

To understand the message and the activities behind Above the Influence, it may help for both youth and staff to check out the messages and multimedia on the campaign’s website and to see the idea that was selected as a winner. The arrow you see throughout the website is Above the Influence’s symbol for youth who stay “above the influence” of drugs and alcohol.

Do you get a sense of what this part of the project looks like? Good, then let’s think about the learning activities that youth undergo to complete this product as part of answering the big driving question.

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