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Key Terms

Here are definitions of a few key terms used in the course. For more, explore the Glossary on the right.

Project-Based Learning: A student-directed learning strategy by which young learners explore community-related topics of high interest to them through in-depth learning experiences lasting more than 3 days

Cooperative Learning: A process that highlights students actively collaborating in small teams and working with community members to solve stated problems

Driving Question: An open-ended question that sets the stage for higher-order thinking by encouraging students to investigate real-world solutions to a complex issue or problem

Final Product: The end result of a project (a video, written report, advertising campaign, community action event, etc.) that students use to represent their work in the project’s culminating activity

Culminating Activity: A public demonstration at which students present their project’s final product, reflect on what they have learned and celebrate their accomplishments; typically includes an audience of invited family and community members

Civic Learning and Engagement: An approach that provides students with experiences, resources and tools that help them develop the knowledge, awareness, understanding and skills necessary to be active, effective citizens prepared to address important issues in their community and the world at large

Civic Identity: An individual’s sense of being part of his or her community, through interaction and activities that provide tangible connections to the community

My Notebook

Project-Based Learning

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Project-Based Learning