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Implement a Plan of Action

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Step 6: Implement the plan of action

Once again, your role is to act as guide and facilitator as students take the lead. You may provide feedback such as, “It sounds like the City Manager is interested in your idea, but needs to hear more.” You may also need to provide more concrete guidance and direction, for example, “Do you think the local newspaper would want to feature this story? How can you find out their interest?”

This implementation step contains the bulk of active project tasks and may require additional research or investigation.

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Implementing the plan of action may require students to take steps such as these:

  • Research to learn even more.
  • Meet with partners.
  • Interview stakeholders to gather information and ideas.
  • Read, speak in public and write about their point of view.
  • Create, build, design, develop or otherwise work toward a product.
  • Adjust the plan yet again.
  • Check in with committees on their progress.
  • Check in with you on a regular basis.

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