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Civic Learning and Engagement

Civic learning and engagement projects connect youth to meaningful opportunities for collaborating and engaging with others — typically government and community groups — to promote the common good and influence public policy decisions.

Civic learning and engagement is a powerful tool for helping young people understand that they can make a difference in the world around them — while gaining important academic and 21st century skills. Civic learning and engagement starts with students identifying a public issue of personal concern, which leads to seeing themselves in a more meaningful role in their community, their nation and the world.

The process involves collaborative brainstorming, problem solving and action, and encourages students to explore in depth an issue they have chosen. Like project-based learning, civic learning and engagement projects include pursuing answers to a driving question and conclude the experience with a demonstration of learning and reflection.

By providing youth opportunities to actively participate in civic life and pursue social change, civic learning and engagement projects can strengthen the American democracy, helping young people to develop an appreciation of their potential impact on society and the political process.



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