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Civic Learning and Engagement in Action

What does civic learning and engagement look like in action? Watch this video to see an example of a dynamic civic learning and engagement project, then check out the examples below.

Examples of Civic Learning and Engagement

In each project example below, you will find elements of civic learning and engagement. As you click on each button representing the elements, text in the sample will be highlighted to show how the project demonstrates that element.

Example 1: A group of fourth graders attend a city council meeting to find out why there would be no more funding for the neighborhood swimming pool that they enjoy every summer. Once they understand the issue of competing needs, the students — joined by members of the local senior citizens’ center — run their own fundraiser to contribute to the reopening of the pool. Together they present the funds raised to the city council and ask again for their support to reopen this community asset.

Example 2: A group of middle schoolers, seeing a problem with trash at local playgrounds, visit members of the recreation department in their town to determine the cause of the problem and find a solution. As a result of their investigation, they join forces with a local parent group and successfully petition the town to purchase six solar-powered, compacting trash cans — one for each playground.

Example 3: Students concerned with the issue of climate change conduct research to find out where their community gets its energy. They present their findings to a local chapter of the Sierra Club, who agree to help them inform the town council about alternative energy options at a meeting of the town council. As a result of the joint presentation, the town council is now considering the purchase of a wind turbine. The students commit to monitoring the progress of the purchase.

Example 4: High schoolers bothered by the graffiti covering local buildings, including their school, work together with the police department and a group of local artists to create a mural-painting program for the beautification of the community. Today, the murals have become a point of local pride.

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