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Youth-Centered Coaching Moment

To keep your projects youth centered, staff need to work in different ways with different children and age groups, as well as take various roles throughout a project.

Which roles do you see your staff using most? Do they need to build skills as learning facilitators? Click on buttons below to highlight the skills you would like staff to build.

  • Director: leading specific activities to meet objectives and carefully setting project limits and guidelines.
  • Guide: helping map doable steps, monitoring progress and keeping things on track.
  • Coach: giving suggestions when needed and help when asked.
  • Colearner: exploring new areas.
  • Cheerleader: offering encouragement along the way.

How can your staff work with children and youth to generate project ideas? Brainstorm around books, news stories, community events and school topics.

  • Conduct local surveys or interviews.
  • Take a walk and map assets or problems.
  • Identify concerns, issues and needs of the group.
  • Look at the local environment.
  • Examine controversies.
  • Discuss life-stage and development concerns.


Tools to Use

Help staff become project-based learning facilitators with Tools to Use.

Prepare for kickoff with the training Project-Based Learning in Action.

Train staff to put youth at the center with Getting and Using Youth Input.

Use the Brainstorm Planner for staff or youth to develop driving questions and project ideas.

Use the Supervision Checklist to guide feedback.

Support project development with the Project Planner.

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Project-Based Learning

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Project-Based Learning