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Think Globally, Act Locally


Pollution. Poverty. Violence. These are issues that may feel remote to young people or may be very familiar ones. Either way, they are likely to engage your students and instill a desire for civic action, but simultaneously might seem insurmountable.

The reality, however, is that having a significant impact on such enormous issues is possible, and it starts in your school or community. Like adults, young people interested in seeing an outcome from their hard work need to start at a smaller local level. 

Once you’ve addressed an issue locally, you can expand your outreach to the region or even further, to a national or global scale.

Encouraging young people to think globally and act locally builds their commitment to civic life and helps them form a habit of being active citizens. Youth of any age can participate in civic learning and engagement, and develop an understanding of issues on multiple levels.

The next few pages of the Implementation Strategies section will focus on how to facilitate civic learning and engagement projects.







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