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Projects Over Time — Coaching Moment

When will children and youth work on their projects?

How much time is needed and over how long a period?

PBL Project ChoicesCommunity Garden Design - 10 Weeks - Grades 4-8 Senior Center Service Learning - 6 Weeks - Grades 9-12 Neighborhood Zoo - 2 Weeks - Grades K-5

  • Shorter projects are better for younger children or can be used as an introduction to project-based learning for older children.
  • Ongoing, longer-term projects are more suitable to older youth. A core project can be developed into spin-offs or next phases to sustain interest over time.
  • Break larger, more complex projects into smaller parts or miniprojects to fit schedules, mixed age groups and different skill levels.
  • Align roles, expectations and project work with attendance patterns.
  • Build in checkpoints and midway demonstrations and events to keep projects on track, maintain interest, and sustain a sense of accomplishment and engagement.

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