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Facilitation Strategies

As a first-time project-based learning facilitator, Anna could use reassurance — and some solid strategies for helping students direct their learning. With each new project, Anna will become more accustomed to letting her students assume responsibility as their own self-directing abilities grow. In the meantime, be ready to remind your program colleagues (and yourself!) of these strategies:

Promote self-directed learning. Regular check-ins, visual reminders and informal discussions can help students stay on track. The real-life deadline of a culminating event holds them accountable for results.
Respect the process as well as the product. The project management and communication skills that students learn during the course of a project are as important as their final product.
Remember these key principles.
  1. Start with shorter, less ambitious projects. Even small projects can give students valuable practice in building 21st century skills.
  2. Don't dictate — facilitate!

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Project-Based Learning

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Project-Based Learning