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Tip #3: The training opening is the hook. Think of it as a performance: What will engage participants’ hearts and minds? Ask what they already know. Draw on their knowledge, experience and ideas throughout the training.

Tip #4: Break big or complex concepts and techniques into smaller parts or steps. Avoid rolling too many new ideas into too short a segment.

Which trainings are most important for your staff?

The Teach section of the Y4Y portal includes training resources to use with your staff. Use Training Starters to jumpstart creating your own trainings, or click on a Training to Go for a complete training packet to use with your team.  Here are the project-based learning trainings to explore on Y4Y:


Project-Based Learning Trainings to Go

  • Project-Based Learning in Action

    Ensure that staff understand the purposes and goals of project-based learning, elements of successful projects and how to plan effective projects.

  • Getting and Using Youth Input

    Equip staff with strategies and techniques for maximizing youth voice and choice in project-based learning.

  • Introduction to Civic Learning and Engagement

    Better understand key principles of civic learning and engagement projects. Learn how to build academic and 21st century skills for youth.

  • Linking with School-Day Civics

    Explore ways to collaborate with school-day civics teachers and other staff. Help students build other skills using civic learning and engagement projects.


Project-Based Learning Training Starters

  • 21st Century Skills

    Develop staff understanding of 21st century skills in practice, and how to create targeted skill objectives for project-based learning.

  • Document Learning

    Provide staff with techniques for documenting student learning from projects.

  • Working in Groups

    Build staff skills for facilitating youth work in groups.

  • Active Research and Investigation

    Increase awareness of effective research methods, analyze information sources to identify potential solutions and learn how to facilitate student-led research.

  • Incorporating the Democratic Process

    Recognize the value of including democratic process into programming. Get ideas for incorporating democratic process into projects and activities.

  • Making a Meaningful Impact

    Identify appropriate community partners for civic learning and engagement projects. Learn strategies for making a difference in the community through successful project partnerships.

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Project-Based Learning

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Project-Based Learning