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Strengthening Partnerships Diagram

Partners Diagram


The Strengthening Partnerships Diagram above provides a quick overview of the topics addressed in the Introduction. Take a moment to review the diagram and descriptions below. 

Key Elements for Quality Partnerships

  • Take Stock of Current Resources: Think about how well your program is serving youth and families. Are there untapped opportunities you can draw on, either from your staff or your current partners?
  • Identify Needs: Examine the needs of your program to better understand where new and existing partners fit in. This may involve collecting data such as parent and teacher surveys. 
  • Form Partnerships: Engage in a resource mapping process to identify potential partners that exist in your community. Reach out to partners. 
  • Establish a Common Vision: Identify the goals of the partnership, and outline roles and responsibilities. Use a memorandum of understanding to agree on clear expectations between you and your partners. 
  • Create an Advisory Board: Form an advisory board made up of key stakeholders such as school principals, 21st CCLC staff, community leaders and parents. 
  • Share Information: Collect data to determine how well your partners are meeting established goals and targets. Actively use data to engage in a quality improvement process. 


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Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships