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Partnership Benefits

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A 21st Century Community Learning Center is a place to build partnerships with schools and community organizations. 21st CCLC programs offer the space and time for students to benefit from the wide variety of services, resources and tools that partners can offer, from dance lessons to extra academic support, to college and career readiness. Partners benefit, too, from working with diverse groups of students in an informal setting. 

  • 21st CCLC sites are youth-centered hubs, convenient for partners that want to work with lots of students.
  • The before-school and afterschool or summer services you and your partners provide support student families. Family members do not miss work or need to find child care.
  • Partners bring expertise, time and resources staff may not be able to provide. 
  • Community organizations typically have a deep knowledge of the community and may bring a new perspective. 

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Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships