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Map Community Resources


Community mapping is a process through which data is tied to a physical location, such as a neighborhood, city or region. A community mapping process could be used to determine anything from high crime areas in a city, to the locations of local businesses offering fresh produce, to recreational or open spaces. A community mapping process will help you identify potential partners that might work with you. Watch this video about one program’s approach. 

Reflect on This

Think about organizations and businesses in your community and the services they provide. Jot down your answers to the following questions in My Notebook.

  • What potential partners are in my community?
  • Do they have the organizational capacity to support my program?

Next, go to an online map like Google or Yahoo Maps and type in your program’s address. Do businesses that you had not considered show up on this map?

Go back to your summary of needs. What organizations can help you meet those needs? You may wish to engage in a group community mapping exercise in which you ask colleagues to brainstorm a list of resources, such as colleges and universities, local businesses, parks, recreation centers and arts organizations — and what they can offer to the program. 

My Notebook

Strategic Partnerships

The Notebook is a useful way to jot down notes as you go through the various topics available on the You For Youth website. If you'd like to use the notebook, please sign in if you already have an account or register now to join the Y4Y community!


Strategic Partnerships