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Make Sense of Data

SP_Chpt 4p3To really understand and use data, you will need to organize and summarize it. Then, you can see how it might help to answer your questions.

Try Different Formats

You can present results in formats that range from a list of bullet points to a full report with tables, charts, graphs and detailed explanations. Basic spreadsheet software can produce meaningful and colorful charts and graphs.


Find Skilled Help

You may consider getting help with data analysis and report preparation from a variety of sources.

  • If the program is using an external evaluator, ask that professional for support in organizing and understanding the data
  • School district research and evaluation staff know the data and how to think about displaying information.
  • Your partners may have team members with research and data analysis experience.
  • Local universities are good places to look for research staff, statistics professors or graduate students.
  • Check with the school or district to find high school students who like to work with data.
  • Look for interest and expertise among your students' family members.


Make the Data Tell Your Story

Want your results to be easy to understand? Graphs and charts are good ways to present information and generate discussion.

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