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Key Terms

Here are a few key terms used in the Introduction. Explore the Glossary on the right whenever you’d like to check the definition of a term.

Community Organizations: any of several types of organizations that serve or are located in your community, including businesses, educational institutions, faith-based organizations, health care organizations and government agencies

Needs Assessment: a formal or informal process to identify and prioritize the differences between services that are currently available and services that are necessary to serve students and families; for example, a lack of adequate access to technology and high interest level among students indicating the need for broader access to such programs

Program Evaluation: a systematic process designed to build understanding about how a program works and what results it produces; the process could include monitoring participation and attendance rates or comparing certain student behaviors, such as homework completion and participation in class for students who regularly attend a program and those who do not attend

Resource Mapping: a process used to identify potential partners in a geographic area; this can be initiated through direct contact with organizations or by reviewing Internet websites

Strong Partnership: a partnership that includes a common vision, goals, defined roles and shared responsibilities; one that involves both open communication and regular data sharing

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Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships