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Starting an effective partnership requires multiple steps. Ideally, you will have partners in place when your program applies for 21st CCLC funding. However, you may want to involve additional partners as student needs change and as your program evolves.

  • First, you want to understand your program goals and needs so you know what to ask of a partner. If you collect data such as parent, teacher or student surveys, that's a great place to start. 
  • Next, take stock of resources that exist in your community. Think of these as people, services or materials, and consider how these might benefit your program.
  • Now, you can look for the matches between needs and resources.
  • Finally, list potential partners and contact them.
  • Contacting potential or existing partners involves forming or improving relationships.

Before you begin the process above, you may want to form a Partnership Committee made up of parents, teachers, students, and 21st CCLC administrators and staff. This will help you make sure all perspectives are included. 

To read a summary reinforcing the value of partnerships and to see what some of the research teaches us about relationships, take a look at the Strengthening Partnerships Research Brief in the Learn More Library.

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Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships