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Communicate Regularly

SP_Chpt 3p5You want ongoing communication across each partnership, but how do you make this happen? Here are some ideas for getting started:
  • Plan for regular communication. Schedule a weekly or monthly check-in call or face-to-face meeting. It may be helpful to create a standing agenda to establish consistency and organization. 
  • Build the relationship. Make sure to invite your partners to events such as end-of-year celebrations. If you have a newsletter, make sure key staff from the partner organization are on the distribution list. Have your students make cards, or create a video thanking the partner and explaining how they benefit from their involvement. 
  • Review your resources map and your partner memorandums of understanding now and then to be sure they are up-to-date and appropriate to your current activities. Make sure your partner information and contacts are up to date. 


Reflect on This

How will you plan for ongoing communication across each partnership? Make a record of these ideas in My Notebook.

My Notebook

Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships