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Clarify and Communicate Roles and Responsibilities

Define Roles

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Everyone cares about using resources efficiently, so you and your partners will want to clearly define roles and responsibilities. This process also helps you make sure there's a good match between the program’s needs and the partners' resources.

Align With Vision

When roles and responsibilities are spelled out, be sure to make them consistent with your program’s vision.

Get It in Writing

Every group that partners with your program should work with you through a formal memorandum of understanding. Typically, this will spell out principles for working together.

  • Define what your program and what each partner promises to provide. Partners can commit to providing a variety of resources, including funding.
  • Define who will be the responsible administrator within each partnering organization.
  • Define the time period during which the memorandum of understanding will be in effect.

Find a sample memorandum of understanding and other examples in the Tools section.

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Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships