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Ask Questions, Collect Data

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You have assessed your program's needs, established new partnerships and built strong relationships. How will you know if your partnerships are ultimately successful when it comes to your students and families? To get the most from your investment of time and resources, actively gather and use data to measure and improve your partnerships. 

Recommended Approach

Decide how goals will be measured: Start by looking at your goals and targets for the partnership, which should be in your original 21st CCLC grant proposal or the partnership memorandum of understanding. Next, develop a list of ways to measure whether each goal has been successful (in other words, whether the target has been met). Some may be more straightforward than others. For example, sign-in sheets can easily tell you whether the partner is meeting goals related to attendance and participation. Goals related to student performance or achievement can be measured by a variety of methods, such as looking at student grades, or pretests and posttests. Meet with your program partners to keep them informed of this process, and ask for input. 

Identify Data Sources: Decide where and how you will gather data. Does the school or district have relevant data? Meet with key school staff to discuss additional data sources. Can you create a few simple tools to facilitate data collection? Make sure everyone understands how often you will collect data and how it will be used.


Share Progress with Partners

Create a process for how you will share performance and student-level data with partners. This may involve regularly sitting down with key partner staff to review targets and make suggestions for improvements. 

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