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Maintain Partnerships — Coaching Moment

Sustaining partnerships is hard work that requires attention to detail.

Explore the sample calendar below to see how to maintain a strong partner relationship.

Instructions: Click on the sample calendar items below to learn about details related to each on how to maintain a strong partner relationship over time.

CalendarRevisit Memorandum of Understanding Partner Appreciation Day Partner Check-In Partner Shout-Out

Revisit the Memorandum of Understanding

Call or e-mail partners to do this:

  • Review the memorandum of understanding objectives.
  • Assess progress toward intended goals.
  • Revise the memorandum of understanding to meet new goals.

Partner Appreciation Day

Honor your partners with:

  • Youth-made cards
  • Homemade treats
  • A video presentation with youth discussing why they like your partners.

Partner Check-In

Call or e-mail partners to do this:

  • Gather feedback.
  • Find out what to adapt, moving forward.
  • Determine what ways they want to stay involved.

Partner Shout-Out

Honor partners:

  • Feature their good work in your monthly newsletter.
  • Spotlight their contributions on a program board.
  • Call them out of the blue to tell them you appreciate all they do.

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Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships