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Build Staff Skills

Training Tips

Tip #1: After the training, send out electronic copies of handouts, so staff can adapt them as needed.

Tip #2: Give participants opportunities to interact with multiple staff members to build community and share different approaches.

To learn more about these and other training tips, use the Training Guide and Template.

How will you train and support staff to strengthen partnerships?

Strengthening program partnerships takes staff time and attention to detail. Staff are the face of your program — their work with youth, their program knowledge and their interactions with partners will speak volumes. They need to understand how to explain all that the program does to benefit youth, productively work with and manage partners, and be your eyes and ears on the ground to gauge partnership effectiveness.

  • Encourage staff to share their vision for how programming could be improved and teach them how to gather similar information from youth.
  • Train staff to be ambassadors for your program and be able to recognize potential partnerships.
  • Equip staff with specific techniques and "soft skills" for managing, working with and honoring partners.
  • Provide supervision, support and follow-up.

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Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships