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Actively Reflect and Revise

Training Tips

Tip #5: Don't ignore hard questions. Try to come up with solutions as a group, and follow up with the individual to see if more support is needed.

Tip #6: Save your voice! Agree on an attention-getting signal or process to pull the group back together.

To learn more about these and other training tips, use the Training Guide and Template.

How ready are you for training and supporting staff for strengthening partnerships?

Partnerships take time to develop, attention to sustain, and clear goals and working agreements to guide overall efforts. Because staff are ambassadors for your program, they must understand how to create and sustain partnerships to achieve positive results.

  • Equip staff with confidence and tools to recognize areas for program improvement and to seek out partners to address gaps and needs.
  • Use staff meeting time to check in on their work with partners and collaboratively identify methods for continued improvement.
  • Observe staff working with and managing partners.
  • Reflect and revise to expand efforts and build quality.

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Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships