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The Power of Writing!

The act of writing is incredibly powerful. You can't avoid thinking when you write — “thinking through the end of a pen,” so to speak. Because of this, writing has the magical quality of making thinking visible! Just like conversation, writing can help us make sense of what we are learning and help us to connect  to others’ ideas. Writing is empowering in the following ways:

  • Writing promotes critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Writing can foster organizational strategies.
  • Writing can promote inquiry through the collection and evaluation of information, comparing and contrasting ideas, and building an argument.
  • Writing can fuel decision-making skills.
  • Writing can stimulate imagination and creativity.

Fun activities like quick writes, stop and jots, one-minute essays and graffiti walls are easy ways to incorporate writing into your 21st CCLC program.  

Reflect on This

What other ways can you practice writing skills in your program? Jot down some ideas in My Notebook.

My Notebook


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