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Stage 5 — Strategic Reading

In the Strategic Reading stage, word recognition skills are automatic. Children routinely use reading comprehension strategies, including a number of basic “fix up” strategies when they fail to understand something they read. Because they make regular use of these strategies, reading comprehension continues to grow. Successful strategic readers grow in their ability to analyze what they read and react critically to the different viewpoints they encounter.

Strategic readers are able to deal with layers of facts and concepts, and integrate new information with things they’ve already learned. For the strategic reader, reading can be utilized as a tool for acquiring new knowledge. Before this stage, the student relied on the environment or the spoken word to acquire new knowledge. As the student enters the strategic reader stage, reading is used increasingly to gain new information. This stage is also characterized by the growing importance of word meaning and prior knowledge. 

Fun activities like quick writes, stop and jots, one-minute essays and graffiti walls are easy ways to incorporate writing into your 21st CCLC program. Check out Read, Write, Think for sample lesson plans and activities. 

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