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Stage 2 — Phonetic Cue Word Recognition

Children learn to generate rhyming words and sentences with alliteration and are able to separate the beginning sound of a small word from the rest of the word (bat, /b/-/at/). Children during this stage begin to use letter and sound relationships to recognize words. For instance, they might recognize the word boat based on the initial b and final t. However, because they cannot fully sound out words, they might confuse boat with beat, boot, etc.

Because children are using some, but not all, of the letter information in a word, their word recognition skills are still inaccurate. Their knowledge of what the story is about and the pictures that accompany the story are used heavily to help with word recognition, meaning they are still often guessing at words.

At this stage, children learn and master the letters of our alphabet, and the sounds associated with different letters. They are attempting to break the code of print and to a child at this stage, sounding out the words is reading. 

Learn how to help small groups of students build their phonetic cue word recognition skills by watching Read Aloud Extension: Developing an Awareness of Phonemes

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