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Literacy: A Cornerstone of College and Career Readiness

English Language Learners: Children acquiring English as a second language will progress more quickly in their acquisition of English if they are exposed to rich oral language across all learning environments, including during out-of-school time activities. 

Literacy represents a set of skills that are essential in every subject and every career field. To be successful in college, careers and life, students must be equipped to read, write, speak and listen, and use language in ways that grant them access to whatever opportunities they wish to pursue. These skills can be described in this way:

  • Reading: The ability to read and independently comprehend the kinds of complex texts commonly encountered in college and careers is an essential ingredient for future success. We’ll explore various types of texts a little later in this course.
  • Writing: Writing can be used to express and support opinions, demonstrate understanding and knowledge of a subject, and tell stories about real and imagined events.
  • Speaking and Listening: Speaking and listening not only represent the keys to successfully communicating with others, but also serve as the gateway to acquiring the ability to read and write.
  • Language: Reading, writing, speaking and listening are all supported through understanding and use of the English language.

Reflect on This

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