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Comprehension — Putting the Pieces Together

What might I observe in students who require support?

  • Students read text and paragraphs as quickly as possible just to get through it.
  • Students interact with all texts in a similar manner, not really paying attention to the purpose for reading.
  • Students may not be aware of text structures like sequence, problem-solution, compare and contrast, descriptive text, or cause and effect, and how these help with reading.
  • Students make wild predictions that don’t really make sense.
  • Students may only bridge ideas between a sentence or two, while more skilled readers will make connections across the entire text.

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Help your students develop better reading comprehension through Effective Questioning and by conducting Interactive Read Alouds. These activities motivate, excite, build background knowledge, support language acquisition, model fluent reading, build comprehension skills, support the development of thinking skills and allow us to introduce students to multiple genres of literature.

Another great strategy for building comprehension is to organize Book Clubs. You can also learn more about Read Alouds and Book Discussion Groups in the SEDL Afterschool Training Toolkit


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