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Pull It Together

Integrate literacy into your program in large and small ways every day. Step into action by determining the how, when and what of literacy for your program.

  • Afterschool literacy should provide experiences that widen exposure to different types of texts and engage children and youth in actively building their reading, writing and oral language skills.
  • Connect literacy activities to what children and youth are learning and doing in school, showing and reinforcing concepts and exploration in real-world, applied and hands-on ways.
  • Maximize literacy time by working it seamlessly into several program segments on a daily basis, as well as devoting specific time to short-, medium-, or longer-term literacy activities and projects.
  • Literacy resources and partners are everywhere! Be creative, tapping local organizations, experts and institutions. Make the most of resources right at hand: your staff, students, families and local connections.

Next Steps

Take the next steps to launch and expand literacy in your program.

Use the Six Key Strategies to plan for success.

Review the available Tools to assist with implementation.

Train staff with guidance from Coaching My Staff.

Visit the Discussion Boards to exchange the excitement and the strategies with the field.

Select and customize staff trainings under Teach.

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