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Interactive Read Alouds

Reading aloud, no matter the age, is the magic bullet for creating a life-long reader.” — Jim Trelease

Few would argue that reading aloud to young children is a beneficial activity in early literacy development. However, it has become clear that reading aloud bestows the same benefits to students in the upper grades — including middle school and high school. 

Read alouds are powerful. They motivate, excite, build background knowledge, support language acquisition, model fluent reading, build comprehension skills, support the development of thinking skills and allow us to introduce students to multiple genres of literature. Without fear of failure, listening to a good story allows students to imagine, wonder, and question.

In as few as 15-20 minutes a day, we can help students reap the benefits of exposure to all types of reading material that is on and above their present level of independent reading.

Click the headers below for tips on how to facilitate read aloud activities.

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