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Want to see what others are doing to implement literacy? View tools and approaches used by other programs and organizations for planning and implementation. To see more, visit the Discussion Boards.


Vocabulary Parade (Grades K-5)
In this sample lesson, students create and present simple costumes that visually represent vocabulary words appropriate for their grade level. This is a good example of how to promote interaction with new vocabulary words in an engaging and creative way.

Vocabulary Collage (Grades 7-12)
In this sample activity, students create a collage; title it with a made-up word based on root words, prefixes and suffixes; and write a short explanatory text about their piece. This is a good example of how to integrate art into an activity that builds literacy skills.

B-D-A Reading Lesson
In this sample lesson, students read "Otis" by Loren Long, practicing literacy skills as they develop an understanding of the before-, during- and after-reading process. Use this lesson to help you plan your before-, during-, and after-reading activities for your reading comprehension lesson.


Six Key Strategies for Literacy in 21st Century Programs
These strategies focus on how 21st CCLC programs can help students increase their literacy skills. Use this tool, which has reflection questions for your staff to discuss where your program is in terms of implementing each strategy, and write down ideas for improvement.

Text Genre Checklist
Use this tool to review a list of text genres available in your program or available library. In order for children to become proficient readers, they should have access to a wide variety of texts. Track available texts and identify titles and sources to fill in any gaps you identify.

Family Literacy Event Checklist
Planning a family literacy event is a wonderful way to celebrate learning literacy and actively involve families in literacy experiences. Use this checklist to consider important questions and plan tasks for a successful event.


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