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What Does the Data Tell Us?

Activities designed to bolster literacy skills will be most effective if you first seek to understand the needs of your students by reviewing available data. For example, most state websites post reading proficiency rates for students in grades three to eight for all public schools. If you take a little time to dig into the data, these results give you an overall picture of how many of the students in a particular grade can read on grade level. 

But an even more powerful strategy might be to collaborate with school staff in order to acquire individual reading assessment performance for each of the students in your program. This data can tell an important story about what you can expect a particular child to be able to do, and how your staff can help them gain new skills and strategies for becoming a better reader, writer and thinker. 

Reflect on This

Use My Notebook to record the URLs of the school, district and state websites that might contain valuable literacy assessment data, and the names and titles of key literacy partners who can share reading data with your program. 

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