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The Teach section of the Y4Y portal includes training resources to use with your staff. Use Training Starters to jumpstart creating your own trainings, or click on a Training to Go for a complete training packet to use with your team. Here are the Literacy trainings to explore on Y4Y:

Literacy Trainings to Go

  • Five Components of ReadingUnderstand the five key areas that were most effective in teaching children to read: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Support staff in planning engaging reading activities and projects to develop the skills of all readers.
  • The Writing ProcessUnderstand the “why” and “what” of supporting rigorous college and career readiness standards. Gain strategies for integrating these standards into programming.
  • Literacy StandardsUnderstand the types of writing students need to know and be able to produce, and activities that will make writing more engaging and accessible to students. Train staff with easy-to-implement strategies for incorporating writing into programming.

Literacy Training Starters

  • "Before, During and After" Lesson PlanningUnderstand the "before, during and after" reading process, and learn how to implement it in your program. Includes a sample lesson plan based on the book, "Otis," and a customizable template to create one based on a reading of your own choosing.
  • Incorporating Writing in Your ProgramLearn and understand various tools to guide writing, and plan how to incorporate writing projects into your program.
  • Literacy Activity CentersIdentify the purpose and benefits of literacy activity centers, plan how to use them, and be prepared for potential challenges.

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