Including Students With Disabilities

Implementation Strategies

Estimated time to complete: 5-7 hours

Upon completion, you will receive an Advanced Level certificate of completion.

Take a a journey through a playground as you discover the strategies you need to build an inclusive environment – one where all students feel welcome and engaged, including students with disabilities

After you complete this section, you’ll be able to
  • Define inclusive environments within 21st CCLC programs.
  • Explain the legal foundations of including students with disabilities in 21st CCLC programs. 
  • Utilize strategies that support inclusive policies within 21st CCLC programs. 
  • Build your program’s capacity to include students with disabilities.

Coaching My Staff

Estimated time to complete: 1 hour

Upon completion, you will receive a Leadership Level certificate of completion. 

Integrate professional development to equip practitioners with the knowledge and strategies needed to create an environment that is inclusive for students with disabilities.

After completing this section, you’ll be able to 
  • Train staff in building an inclusive program environment for students with disabilities.
  • Create a professional learning plan for your staff.
  • Utilize effective coaching techniques as you implement the professional learning plan.


Find ready-to-use, customizable tools that can help you plan, design, implement and assess an effective program that is inclusive for students with disabilities. 

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