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Shared Activities for Students and Families

21st CCLC programs offer experiences that bring the whole family together to share in fun and educational activities. These events are another great way to involve families. Here are examples of shared activities:

  • Family activity nights. Set up stations with different activities around the room. Or have parent-child teams compete in activities for prizes. Boost engagement by asking parents to devise, set up and manage the activity stations, such as craft corner, cooking demo, mini technology lesson and tai chi. 
  • Field trips to interesting places in the community. Family members can serve as chaperones or simply participate. Find out where family members work, and see if there is an opportunity to visit. Check community calendars in your area to see if there are events your group can attend. 
  • Weekend family trips or overnights. Many museums have overnight programs geared toward families. 
  • Celebrations of learning, where children show projects they created during center activities, or perform dances, sing or present plays.

Involve parents and students in leadership roles at events by having them participate in planning and offering opportunities to lead parts of the events. 

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Family Engagement

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Family Engagement