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Plot Your Challenges

How many of the practices on the previous page are found in your program? If you discovered that you are not practicing many, this course will show you how to increase family engagement.

If you are doing well, congratulations! Pick up helpful hints and reminders as you go through this section.

Reflect on This

Use My Notebook to jot down ideas you may have. Keep your ideas handy as you go through this section to see if they are supported by what you find. You may come up with other innovative ways to support families in your community.

Connect With a Colleague

Talk with a colleague — or your whole staff — about your challenges with involving families. On a piece of paper or a whiteboard, create two columns: one to list challenges and another to list solutions. Together, list all of the challenges, no matter how small they may be, with involving families. Then, consider what actions you might take to address each challenge.

My Notebook

Family Engagement

The Notebook is a useful way to jot down notes as you go through the various topics available on the You For Youth website. If you'd like to use the notebook, please sign in if you already have an account or register now to join the Y4Y community!


Family Engagement